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-- resembled a plan. i have plan, it's driving down healthcare costs and repealing the well-intentioned president's bill. i agree with the goals but the law will never live up to the goals of driving down costs. i have a replacement, six point replacement plan. energy, driving down costs for hard-working families and looking to the future, and i voted strongly, nine times to increase the efficiency -- >> moderator: i have to cut you off. we're fast approaching the end of the broadcast. the formal questioning is now over and each candidate now has one minute for closing statement. as determined before honda, you'll go first. >> thank you very much. this election presents very clear choices, as you heard tonight. unfortunately, the congressman has repeated over and over again that i'm somehow misrepresenting, that i'm saying things that aren't true. the fact is, my campaign depends entirely on folks knowing the truth about the congressman's record, and i can say with great confidence the things i'm saying about his record because it is his record. you can go find it, and i enc
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1